• Blow up the Room3:41
  • Lit3:56
  • Desperado2:11
  • Slide2:57
  • Touch the Sky 3:25
  • No Speed Limit3:35
  • Senorita3:50
  • Play3:59
  • Dance Around 4:56
  • My Love 3:33
  • I Never Knew4:34
  • Now You Know 2:53
  • Keep It Rocking4:01
  • All or Nothing3:37

From humble beginning to international stardom, this southern born gentleman has made a name for himself through originality and artistry. Considered one of the voices of his generation, Jordan Bolch fuses the genres of Pop, Electronic Dance Music & R&B, Jordan sings with a shimmery soulful voice and dances like a spiraling comet. His words are hypnotizing and masterful.

Atlanta’s emerging artist of the year has teamed with legendary super producer, Richie Schwab of New Orleans, Louisiana. Jordan Bolch Studios is based in Buckhead, an affluent suburb of Atlanta. The twelve-song LP, Slide is a launch into outer space. The energy increases with every song and Jordan’s voice glistens atop strong and familiar drumline beats.

The entire album was mastered by Tom Coyne of Sterling Sounds in New York, New York. The clarity and quality of each mix is remarkable and impeccable. What amazes most supporters of Jordan is how catchy the hooks are in every song. The first song, Desperado begins like a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack and then Jordan takes us on a journey through a modern epic story of a female outlaw all while singing the blues.

Jordan truly impresses us with his abilities as a producer and recording artist. All of his material is original and originally played on the piano before it’s translated electronically. That includes the drum/percussion layers, orchestration, bass section, brass and woodwinds. Jordan’s production partner, Richie is extremely technical and musically gifted. The two co-produce and inspire each other to push the boundaries, break barriers and continue onward.

The music is a fusion of all the songs that inspired Jordan throughout the years. Jordan Bolch reaches new heights through clever experimentation with recording styles. His ability to compose and record vocal harmony has caused his songs to go viral and spread all over the world.  Jordan considers himself a poet and recording artist though his talents spread even wider.  He holds a masters degree in business from Emory University and a bachelors degree in arts from Southern Methodist University.  He continues to pave new ground with his writing, producing, and business career while creating fun hits for all to enjoy.

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